We offer a wide range of services. These include forensic investigation of failing gilding and coating systems; development of specifications and control samples; construction management; decorative painting in all forms; and of course exterior and interior gilding using gold leaf and other metals.

The Gilders' Studio


During the course of our work, we sometimes need to determine the mode of failure for the system we are investigating. Combined with this is the necessity of developing the best approach for coating (or re-coating) the diverse surfaces we are presented with.

Our investigation can include microscopy, solvent testing, hydraulic adhesion tests and accelerated weathering protocols to ASTM standards to determine the most efficacious approach to a particular project.

The Gilders' Studio


We are frequently called upon to consult on projects with diverse finishes and suppliers. At Barneys New York on Madison Avenue, we were commissioned to produce control samples and specifications of over 30 singular gilded finishes, which went out to 11 different fabricators across the country. The Gilder’s Studio has been retained by several state and local governments to inspect and produce reports on their domes and interiors as well as devising accelerated testing protocols for gilded sculpture and ornament which failed prematurely.

The Gilders' Studio


We have worked on some of the most challenging gilding projects in the US and overseas. Whether it is researching new methods and materials to gild on non-traditional substrates or conservation of priceless sculpture and objects, The Gilders’ Studio approaches each project professionally and with the highest standards. This shows in our exhaustive testing, meticulous preparation and flawless installation.

On each of our projects we keep a log of ambient conditions and film thickness measurements. We use scientific instruments to document ambient conditions including air temperature, surface temperature, relative humidity and dewpoint as well as recording wet and dry film measurements of the coating systems to insure all the layers are applied in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications.